A year later…

As I mentioned in my About Me section. My father passed away December 5th , 2010. So in two days it will have been a year without my dad. I was not allowed to properly grieve my father’s passing. There was a family feud going on at the time my step siblings only allowed me 5 minutes at his funeral. How cruel! I was his family for almost 20 years. His kids only came around when they wanted something and now that he was gone THEY WANTED EVERYTHING!

But I forgive them. I refuse to let their cold hearts and soulless consciences  keep me angry at them. Anyway, here is some things I learned from dad growing up…

• Always defend yourself.

• Don’t throw the first punch, but you better throw the last.

• Give people the benefit of a doubt.

My dad was a simple man. The first time he was ever on a plane was 6 months before he died. He did not do what some would consider extraordinary things in life but he was extraordinary to me. He raised me as his own, when he wasn’t asked too. He made sure I had every thing I needed in life. He tried to give me normal childhood even though he was in 60’s.

He died 11 days before my 21st birthday. He won’t get to walk me down the aisle next year. He won’t ever see the tattoo I was hoping to get for him before he passed. He won’t meet my kids (if I have any). But he did see me graduate high school. He witnessed me raising a child that was not mine either. That’s more than some people get and I am eternally grateful for the time I was given with him. My only regret is that he passed away alone. I love you Daddy. I will always love you and miss you more with each day.


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