About Me

I hate talking about myself. I wouldn’t say I have a boring or typical life. But unless someone asks me specifically what they want to know about me I don’t know where to begin when speaking about myself. I thought I had a very normal childhood, as I got older realized that it was rather unconventional. My father (actually step father) was in his late 50’s when he and my mom got married. I was about 2. He died last year on December 5th. In two days it will be a year without him. I’m still not over it. But life goes on and so must I.

I have been doing graphic design for about 5 years now. I currently work in a local print shop. It’s fun and enlightening. I am still getting the hang things. But it’s a job so I can’t complain.

I am engaged. My fiance and I just had our 2 year anniversary in November. I never thought I would be in a relationship this long with someone but I guess I’ve found my match. Our wedding will hopefully be in September of next year.

I love movies, music, video games. I actually a very avid gamer. I play first person shooters. RPGs. some MMOs I haven’t had the time recently to play but hopefully that will change here soon.

I am an open book. You just have to ask. I don’t freely give away the details of my life. But once you ask and tell anything you want to know. So if by some chance I have intrigued you and you want to know more about just ask.


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