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Tool for inspiration

So, like many designers, I sometimes hit a wall when trying to create or design something. I try and pick away at it , but usually when that happens anything I come up with I hate. One of the best tools I use to bulldoze that wall is Stumble Upon. For those that do not know what Stumble Upon is, it is an add-on tool bar that takes you to random websites. Well, not completely random. When you install the add-on to your Firefox browser it will ask you about your interests such as Business, Entertainment, Politics etc. Then they sub-categorize even further. Then when you are ready to start stumbling all you do is click the button Stumble! in your browser and you taken to site that matches with your interests. If you are a creative person, such as myself, most of my interests are art, history entertainment, etc orientated you will be taken to a lot of tutorial sites, design blogs (like mine), ad agencies, stock photo sites and much more.

I’m always finding myself bored with nothing to do and using Stumble Upon. But like I said before it’s a great tool to allow yourself to step away from what your working on during a creative block. It’s a great way to gather inspiration from other sites and get the creative juices going or find other designers and possibly befriend them.

Another great thing about this nifty little tool is that you can connect with your Facebook and see if your friends are using Stumble Upon and see what type of websites they like. You can also like a site that you have been taken to, and every now again Stumble will take you back to that site to see if anything has been updated.

I have found so many stock photo, Photoshop brush and vector sites using Stumble Upon that don’t normally show up if you use a Google search.

So, I really recommend you put this add this to your web browser. It will defiantly get rid of your creative block or cure boredom.

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