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Great resources

One of the hazards of being a graphic designer is finding quality stock images, Photoshop brushes, vectors, etc. So I decided to compile a nice list of great resources and their uses.

1. Stock.Xchnge– a great site that offers an endless supply of high resolution stock photos. Most are royalty free. All you have to do is make an account and start downloading the images you need.









2. Brusheezy– free photoshop brushes. There is quite a collection on this site. Most are a high resolution but not all. Beware of really grainy and pixelated brushes.








3. Vecteezy– From the same people that make Brusheezy, they bring you Vecteezy. Vecteezy lets you find vector images for your design. The selection is not as big a Brusheezy but it doesn’t hurt to try and find what your looking for on Vecteezy.








4. Lost and Taken– This site offers mostly images of different textures to give your work a different feel. Some are for purchase but they do have free giveaways that are usually worth the download.







5. VectorLib– If you really like designing stuff that revolves around video games, then this site site is just for you. There is huge variety of different vectors for all types of video games. Old or new there’s a good chance this site as it.







One of the best pieces of advice I can to someone just getting into graphic design is build up a stock photo library. Keep everything correctly labeled and organized. That way eventually you probably won’t have to do much searching online for photos. In the end it’s a great time saver.


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